Musings with Camera in Hand

Belinda Greb – The Photographic Journey


Spring Drama

This Spring turned out to be full of contentiousness and drama, and hard as I tried to stay away from it, I had to slog through it! Meanwhile, the rain that hadn’t come in its normal amounts during the winter, started to make its appearance. During the first few really beautiful Spring days, I was chained to this legal matter I was helping my mother with and resenting the time that was taking me away from hiking, from being out in nature. I felt like I was being robbed of Spring.

Basically, without getting into details, it stemmed from lack of coherent communication between parties, obstinance, bitterness, and escalated from there.  This took over two months to resolve. It was enough to make me lose it a couple of times, but on the times when I wasn’t falling apart I tried to remind myself to stay centered, breathe and know that it would eventually pass. And I think now, the worst is over.  I’m finally able to enjoy looking forward to the rest of Spring, warmer weather and being able to focus on my photography again.

During one of the rainy days I was so frustrated I combed through my images from last year and worked on this image.  The beautiful Iris was from my sister’s garden, and I added another exposure and textures.

This second photograph was of a dandelion taken this Spring during a short walk – my favorite and only form of therapy aside from meditation. But walking really comes in handing especially when the mind refuses to quiet itself.  The title, Dandelion Don’t Care About the Time, is from one of my favorite Rolling Stones songs. I have used various verses for some of my other dandelion photos.

You can see it does has a time theme, and that is pertinent, because especially as one gets older, there is a realization of how much time is spent on drama. It causes so much stress, making us lose sleep, causing us to worry about things that are somewhat uncontrollable.  We often forget in the middle of emotional upheaval or fear that the one thing we can control is our reaction. There were a lot of nights when I would wake up at around 3am and just start worrying about how things were going to come out. What I started to do after a few nights of this was pick up a book. In most cases it worked.  It took my mind away from the useless circling that it was doing and engaged my thoughts elsewhere. After an hour or so of reading, I would feel sleepy again.

One day it was supposed to be beautiful and warm. I headed up to a lake area where there are usually lots of dragonflies and was hoping to find some wildflowers.  Spring was not evident – the area around the lake was far to marshy to get close to it and on top of that it started to drizzle. Yet in spite of that it was a day that was wonderful for just escaping.  I took multiple shots, panning the camera to obtain this photograph and later combined and aligned them in Photoshop using the perspective option. Do you see where I’m going? I took some photographs with the tripod, and then I just sat, tucking my jacket underneath my butt to protect it from the cold and slightly damp ground, leaned back against a rock and closed my eyes. I listened to the birds, the stirring of the trees while my dog went exploring on her own. I was miles away from any human being, and it was a wonderful time-out from reality.

Later my dog and I walked down the road, where there was still snow on the ground.  It almost felt like I had entered an alternate universe where no bickering existed, no lies and distorted truth, and no hurt egos, and no vying to get the upper hand. The world wasn’t easier: trees would fall, lightning would strike, prey would be eaten, but still, life would continue.

On the way home I stopped to take some more photographs. I especially liked this one of a small rock formation that juts out of the water at Cougar Reservoir and looks like a small island with fir trees growing. Again, there is a theme of life being able to spring forth, even from hardship. Roots find ways around the rocky obstacles, and there is growth.

There were no winners, only losers in the legal matter, unless of course, you count the attorneys who did come out ahead. However, in the realm of things that had transpired during that time: a missing jetliner, a downed ferry with lost children, mudslides, and tornadoes, among others –  it was a speck of sand.

And fortunately during this stressful time, there were moments, not as many as I would like for the real Spring drama: lovely blossoms, adorable ducklings, otters at play. That is the drama that interests me.

The last photograph on the page is from a walk I took with my dog and my friend and her dog.  It’s titled When Life Gives You a Mud Puddle… and I think, as I often do, that we have a lot to learn from the natural world.