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Grand Canyon Series, Part 2

These are two more images from my short visit to Grand Canyon.  You’ll see the same ridge in both, but from a different perspective. The first is a close-up which I love as you get a closer view of the rock detail. I often like a cloudy sky (as long as there is some contrast to be had) as it adds drama and interest to the scene.

The panorama is 2 to 1 ratio – so on the smaller size, and only two exposures with some overlap.

More to come. Thank you!


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Grand Canyon Series, Part 1

This year’s been wonderful for me as I’ve gotten the opportunity to visit and revisit a few of our nation’s treasures – our national parks.  In October, I got to meet up with my dear friends and spend a bit of time in Arizona and Utah.  While the weather wasn’t optimum I am still grateful not only to see my friends, but also to get a chance to see Grand Canyon since I haven’t seen this since I was a young girl. I will now have to go back to see it in better weather and different light.

For this series, I will just be posting more frequently with just a couple of images and fewer words.

It may be October and the kids are back in school, but there are still crowds, at least by the Visitor Center viewpoints.  Walk around the rim, and you will find peace and quiet! Such a beautiful place, I was sadly disturbed to find cans thrown over the edge. Too steep to retrieve, but perhaps the park services has a long extension pole. Why come to see beauty and then leave such an ugly mark that is also dangerous to any wildlife? These parks, more than money or commercial items are our real treasures, a million years in the making.

The same image, in black and white.  Black and white photography, to me, always seems to add a timeless quality to the image, highlighting texture, light and shadows.

More to come.